How to install Safire application


Because Google Play has changed their Privacy Policy what comes to sending and receiving SMS messages, we are unable to upload our Safire application to Google Play.

We do not gather anykind of data from user but nevertheless, only certain developers are able to upload this kind of applications to Google Play. We are developing new application that You can download directly from Google Play or App Store in the future.


  1. Press Button -button
  2. Give permissions to download application (if needed)
  3. If you get warning from fi.safire.Safire_SMS.apk –file, press OK 
    (this is because file is not downloaded from Google Play)
  4. You can see notification in the browser or in the notification area where you can start the installation process (Open)
  5. Because of the security reasons your phone will ask permissions to install the application. Please open the settings and give permissions that are needed (Allow).
  6. Then you can go back to application and start the installation.