Finnish warmth for every situation

From home to cabin

Warmth with your conditions

Safire cabin heaters bring home comfort to your cabin. They give a steady dry heat, with infinite adjustment. You can safely use other heat sources, like fireplaces or stoves – Safire’s automation ensures that only the required amount heat is generated.

The Safire 2000B is compact on the top, slightly above the knee height and the size of an A4 sheet from corner to corner. It does not require large safety distances around it. Just brush the dust away on the sides and have a meter of safe spaces above to allow the heat to flow freely. Not any of touchable surfaces become hot when heated.

Curl up on an autumn evening with your loved one under the blanket, lie on the couch watching movies, or take a relaxing position in your armchair while reading a book. Safire products provide a warm atmosphere for your own time and you don’t have to worry about anything other than spending your precious leisure time.

You have all the control.

From cabin to boat

Take it to the seas

When it comes to boating, safety is everything. The same is true for keeping both the boat and the boater warm. Boat heaters from the Safire family provide an easy and safe way to create the ambiance and warmth of a leisure boater. Using the heater is as easy as lifting the anchor.

Instead of trembling with coldness, boating can be a truly warming hobby. Travel with your family to the archipelago for a sunny weekend day in the fall, and let the Safire boat heater keep you warm. Safire boat heaters are so small that only the heat entering the cabin is the only thing that reminds you of its existence.

For example, the Safire 23Di heater is suitable for 80% of all Finnish boats. It does not smell or make any sound. It is the perfect companion for your boating experience. It is Finnish heat on your terms, for your needs.

Anchors up!

From boat to patio

Nordic summer and warm barbecue season are unfortunately short. Who wouldn’t want to continue their barbecue and patio season longer than a couple of months? Safire brings the heat to the terrace. Discreetly and safely.

Continue your patio season to the autumn evenings and enjoy time with your family and friends in a warm home environment.

It is thrilling to jump out of the warm jacuzzi for a moment to cool off in the open air, but it’s even more comfortable to return from the cool back to the warm terrace to enjoy some good food and company. Safire’s patio heater is hidden from sight and the heat radiates from the bottom of the patio floor evenly, throughout the patio through the heating grilles.

Suitable for patio use, the Safire 36Di is compact in size and will be discreetly installed, for example, under patio decks. The heat is evenly distributed through the floor grilles throughout the terrace. In practice, the existence of a heater is not noticed only as a warm atmosphere, in any weather.

Other appliances

The use of the Safire family is by no means limited to cottages, boats and patios. They are also suitable for professional use and are easy to transport.

For example, barracks are easily heated with the Safire 23Di heater, conveniently and quickly, exactly when you want.

Kari Rouvali & team

A warming heart

Safire heaters are over 20 years old. It all started in 1998 and I took over the business four years ago.

Our head office is located in Turku, just a bit south from the heart of downtown.

We celebrated our anniversary year in 2018 by attending at fairs and events and receiving positive feedback from our entire customer base, both new and old. We are a 100% Finnish company, also on the production level.

Naturally, my own cabin also warms up with a Safire heater.

Mika is one of our employees. Mika takes care of maintenance and assembly, among other things, as you can see from the picture. We take good care of our employees and make sure they are comfortable with their work and take good care of themselves.