Market Research Survey was successfully completed

Jaa artikkeli
Now the work for future can begin
Safire is 100% Finnish design, aimed to provide warmth into everyday life all around the globe. Our carbon footprint is the lowest among all the competing products, and we take environmental aspects extremely seriously.

That is why we are keen on developing our products even further, to completely minimize production detriments for the environment while maximizing the average customer happiness and product reliability.

For additional information, you can directly contact Kari Rouvali, the CEO of Safire (

International Safire Market Research Survey 2019 was successful and because of your feedback and your brilliant ideas we are able to continue with our R&D projects. Creating inspiring Safire products begins with discovering a product that is valuable, usable, and feasible.

There was also volunteering survey prize draw and this time the winner was Audun R. Fosheim. Congratulations!

P.s. We joyfully invite you to take part in the METSTRADE Show in Amsterdam where the international leisure marine community gathers. You can find Safire at showroom 12.736. You are most welcome!
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