Safire Cera22

Easy cooking with ceramic Safire cera22

This stove complements the whole selection in such a way that you no longer need gas (such as butane, propane etc.) on your boat. The ceramic stove is safe and easy to use. Simply click a button to start the automated heating process. The stove uses your boat's own diesel fuel for power. The exhaust gases are directed safely outside of your boat.

The stove can boil 1 liter of cold water within 11 minutes upon being turned on. This process is twice as quick in case the stove is already hot when setting the water on it. The device is very stylish, easy to install, and easy to keep clean.

The stove control device's electronics are brand new design. The PCB encapsulates Safire's experience and know-how in heater control systems. It was developed with the latest SMD technology and its power consumption is even lower than before. The device is rugged and able to withstand the rough situations in sailing.


Fuel tupe: diesel (fuel oil) Power: 900W – 2100W
Consumption: 0,09-0,21 l/h, 2,16-5,04 l/vrk
Operating voltage: 12 V DC
Power consumption: 0,4-0,9 A (4,8-10,8 W)
Starting current: 8 A, for 7 minutes
Control panel: separate
Housing material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: (l x w x h): 463 x 317 x 175 mm
Hole dimension for install: 443 x 300 mm
Weight: 6 kg

Extra equipment

  • Combustion gas piping 45/Ø28 mm
  • Tank connector for a standard fuel tank

Contents of the package

  • Stove
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Mounting bracket
  • Power cables connected and ready to use, 4m
  • Fuel pump and fuel line 3 + 1,5m
  • Electronic thermostat cabel 2 m
  • Clamps and mounting screws


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