Safire 39Di

Heat source for big boats

SAFIRE 39Di is the most powerful heater in the whole range of SAFIRE heaters and it produces heat comfortably even to bigger boats.

Energetic primary air blower with large diameter and big rotor combined with smart PWM switching based motor control assures efficient operation in all conditions with quiet operating noise. The heaters control circuit is able to produce maximum blowing power even though the voltage was under 12 volts. Smart control logic controls the heaters behaviour in a way where maximum power can always be gained from the heat exchanger. There are 4 x 60mm warm air connections to produce large cross-sectional area and a stable and quiet flow in the piping. Safire 39Di heaters has been assemblied even to over 13m sized boats.

To series Di devices it’s possible to order an exchange end to change the standard 60 mm exits to either 2 x 75mm or 1 x 90mm exits. In that case it is possible to exploit old pipe system. The mounting base is designed to easily release the heater even in a few minutes when maintenance is needed.

  • Widest power range of 0.9 to 3,9 kW and smallest power consumption 0,5-1,9 A/6-23W
  • Brushless blower motors and exremely long operation life with a quiet and stable operating noise
  • Self diagnostics system determines the reason for a malfunction and it’s easily resetable
  • Electronic thermostat automatically selects the required power level continuously
  • Smart PWM switching based motor control
  • Easy to install and convenient to use as well as an inexpensive maintenance even when done by self
  • Extremely compact size

7-12m, sailboat +1m


Fuel type: fuel oil / diesel
Consumption: 0,09-0,39 l/h
Operating voltage: 12V
Power consumption: 0,5-1,9 A (6-23W)
Starting current: 8 A
Control panel: separate
Hot air connection: 4×60 or 2×75 mm
Fresh air connection: 115 mm
Housing material: Stainless steel
Weight: 10 kg

Extra equipment

  • Control panel basic / GENIUS
  • Temperature sensor, electronic continuous thermostat
  • Hull or deck grommets for combustion gas
  • Combustion gas piping
  • Warm air piping and grating

Contents of the package

  • Heater
  • Mounting bracket
  • Fuel pump and fuel line 3 + 1,5m
  • Tank connector for a standard fuel tank
  • Power cables connected and ready to use, 4m
  • Cable for control panel, 8m
  • Clamps and mounting screws
  • Warm air connection 4 x 60mm
  • Fresh air connection 115mm


Vehicle heater
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