Safire 2000B

Small, compact, easy to use. All in one!

Safire cottage heaters bring the convenience from home to cottage. They produce stable and dry heat controlled continuously.

You can without worries use also other heat sources like fireplace or oven – the Safires automatism takes care that only needed heat is produced. The Safires combustion gas are led out either through air chimney or very clever – only one about 90 mm hole needed – wall lead-through. The fire takes place safely and monitored inside the device bringing to cottage stable and dry heat only.

In Safire 2000B heater there is a fixed control panel in the back of the device. The use of the device is simple. Just snap the device on from the power switch and let the device take care of the rest. The heat control takes place by pressing a button. And if you like you can outfit the Safire heater with 1287B GSM controller and put the heater on in advance. And when you arrive the cottage will be dry and warm with warm bedlinen too. No more trying to kindle a fire with wet trees and trying to get the chimney work.

The Safire 2000B is amazingly small from the outside, only knee-high and a span square. It doesn't require large safety distance about. Only what it takes to clean with a brush sideways and one metre upward to get the heat flow properly. No touchable surface gets scalding.

There are two colours available of Safire 2000B, light and black powder paint. Light suits well modern interior. Elegant black suit better on antiqued log cabins.

Safire cottage heaters have all the wirings and fuel lines connected. Even an amateur will handle the installation. One hole to wall for lead-through of the combustion gas piping and another small one for the fuel line. Install the lead-through, connect the electricity, add the fuel and start the usage.


Heating capacity: 0,7 – 2kW = 10 – 45 m2 heating area
Fuel type: light fuel oil, winter grade
Consumption: 0,07-0,2 l/h = 1,7-4,8 l/d
Operating voltage: 12 V = or with socket-power unit 230 V~
Power consumption: 0,15-0,30 A 12 V DC (1,8 – 3,6 W)
Power consumption (stand by): 25mA (0,6 Ah/d) power saving mode 14mA (0,34Ah/d)
Temperature / power control: Automatic continues with thermostat
Power up: Control panel or GSM-control
Dimension / weight: 600 x 170 x 212 mm / 10 kg

Extra equipment

  • Wall lead-through
  • 1287B GSM control
  • Fuel tank 30l

Contents of the package

  • Heater
  • Fuel line 3
  • Tank connector for a 30L tank
  • Power cables 4m
  • Thermostat cable 4m


Cabin heater
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